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bike fit retul 001

Proper bike fit means you have a position on the bike that lets you ride as long as you want, as hard as you want, and stay comfortable the entire time. A good fit can also help prevent overuse injuries that result from an improper position. The correct position will vary from person to person, depending on factors like age, style of riding, and physical attributes like flexibility.

All my bike fits are at TRI HARDER Studio in Dereham, Norfolk.

If I can choose one, the best systems to fit the rider will take lasers every time and hand measuring tools like simple ruler and goniometer. It doesn't looks as advanced as 3D motion systems but allows me to focus on actual rider rather then software and flood of numbers. 

Retül Fit is more than just a bike fit—it’s a way to learn about your body, the root cause of your aches and pains, and how a proper fit will help you achieve your cycling goals. Using 3D motion capture technology, the Retül system accurately measures every degree of movement and millimeter of distance, providing you and the fitter with data to support the choices made during the fit for your cycling equipment and personal riding experience.

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