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Normandy & Hauts-de-France

France 2023

Riders: Paul Hunt, Peter Elsegood, Maciej Malyszka

It suppose to be an easy, kind of recovery trip until I crashed 2 days before our departure. Fractured  scaphoid, herniated disk and some bruises made those few days a real physical challenge and the most essential part of my gear was 6 Ibuprofen and 8 Paracetamols daily. Riding wasn't so bad but mounting dismounting and any stops were very painful. The trip was fantastic as always but I could not do it without Paul and Pete help. Did not take any notes  or remember many details so the picture have to tell the story. Anyway...

Stage 1: Dieppe to Saint-Quentin

191km, Ride: 8h31min, Elev.:2000m

Stage 2: Saint-Quentin to Rouen

201km, Ride:8h20min, Elev.:1700m

Stage 3: Rouen to Rouen 

We skip a day and decided to rest which I needed not the boys. All day eating , drinking beer and exploring the city and resting my body laying on city benches.

Stage 4: Rouen to Dieppe

Ride:60km, Elev:700m 


Bike:Kinesis RTD -Moon Knight

Front pack-custom camera bag

Top Tube bag-Restrap Race Bag

Rear bag-Restrap 14l

GPS- Hammerhead Karoo 2


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