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Battle In The Bowl

Supercross Race 2021

Riders: Paul Hunt, Tom Middleton, Ben Keeley, Maciej Malyszka, Glyn Smith, Ian Jenkins

It wasn't an adventure but after many months of long lockdown those two days on bikes, those two days about and around anything cycling related felt like the best trip ever. 
Great race and fantastic venue just less than mile from South Downs. I raced on Frankenstein with great strong feeling in my legs but ...2nd lap, high speed bunny hop ..dropped chain pull and bend the chain catcher and I spent 2min40sec (felt like hours) trying to fix it. Broke my finger trying..almost..but hammer shaped rock save my day and after long chase finished the race on 17th place. Great result despite mechanical, 2 days drinking beers and Tom's birthday's White Russians (yes we know how to party).
Lesson to remember: keep spare rock in the back pocket ;-)




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