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Into the Wind

Lincolnshire Wolds 2020

Riders: Kay Burgess, Tom Middleton, Ben Keeley, Maciej Malyszka, Peter Elsegood, Arron Green

Very short (Covid19 lockdown) but so different from our summer rides bikepacking trip to Lincolnshire Wolds. Peter is continuously asking for a FLAT adventure and despite my love for hills I agreed. We rode 3500ft over 100 miles only………in 45mph wind and constant rain. Even easy adventures can be very challenging. I’m very sorry mate .

Arron: “Deciding to do my first Bike-Packing trip in late September with a two day one night 200 mile ride was always going to be interesting . . . It was cold, wet, hard work and utterly brilliant. I couldn’t have wished for a better team to do my first trip with and I already cant wait to go again and make more fantastic memories”

Kay: “ Lots of firsts for me. Bikepacking with fully loaded camping trip (Lifting the bike out of the car!). Despite the headwind and rain on day 1 it felt like a proper adventure with great friends. For me it was a good mixture of challenge and fun.
Actually riding 200miles with kit. Tom’s Cherry Brandy, Arron’s endless sweet supply, finding a pub! Crossing the troll bridge,  Full english breakfast and comparing seat pack size/content ; )
Enjoyed the whole weekend. I guess if on a longer trip it would be good to stop and see landmarks/ places of interest but i realise that the distance and pace meant being on the road to get back in good time. Thank you for organising a brilliant weekend, looking forward to the next adventure. : )“

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