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To Humber Bridge

England 2023

Riders: Paul Hunt, Maciej Malyszka

Micro Adventure
Weekend bikepacking to the majestic Humber Bridge and back.

We left early morning when the storm Babet was still over Britain. Wet and windy but fuelled on Guiness we made it with 2 small crashes only (Paul). Sunday's return in strong headwind but dry and sunny and it was easy as all the hills in the first 60km and flat as table after.

Stage 1: King's Lynn to Hull

158km, Ride: 6h15min, Elev.:670m

Stage 2: Hull to King's Lynn

160km, Ride:7h20min, Elev.:670m


Bike:Kinesis RTD -Moon Knight

Front pack-custom camera bag

Top Tube bag-Restrap Race Bag

Rear bag-Restrap 14l

GPS- Hammerhead Karoo 2


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